Developing confident, resilient children.

We have teamed up with Cindy Smolkin, a registered social worker, and parent and child therapist. Our clinics and workshops help parents in our school community and address any needs or challenges you may be facing at home. It’s the perfect way to bring the compassion-based strategies that we use in our classrooms straight into your home and to help you feel empowered in your parenting.  

Developing confident, resilient children 

Our approach to engaging children is based in empathy and compassion. When we use empathy to connect with our students, we create an environment where children feel capable and confident. Empathy opens the door to trust which allows us to lay the foundations for self-regulation, effective communication and self-help skills. The students at First Foundations are introduced to the concepts of mindfulness, balanced and logical thinking and flexibility, all with the goal of teaching them how to face adversity and build confidence. 

To help support us in this approach, we have teamed up with Connected Parenting and Cindy Smolkin (MSW/RSW), a registered social worker and therapist who uses tenants of Connected Parenting in her practice.

About Cindy Smolkin 

Cindy has been working with children and families for 18 years. She has been trained in the Connected Parenting model and uses its tenets in both her private practice and her own family life. In addition to her private practice, Cindy has worked as a family therapist at Jewish Family and Child Services in Toronto and at Integra, a mental health centre for children and adolescents with learning disabilities. Cindy was a social worker at the Toronto District School Board for many years where she counseled children and families, facilitated groups, ran workshops and provided training for teachers and school administrators. Cindy is also a field supervisor for the University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work. She has worked intensively with children with special needs and has assisted parents in advocating for their children.



Real Parents Real Stories: with parent and child therapist Cindy Smolkin (MSW/RSW) and Alisa Daly, Director of FFJCP.

Empowered Parenting: Real Parents Real Stories is a podcast that inspires parents to feel courageous and confident in their parenting journey. Listen in with parent and child therapist Cindy Smolkin (MSW/RSW) and Alisa Daly, Director of First Foundations Jewish Community Preschools, and meet real parents struggling with real issues. Tune in to help you and your children build resilience.