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First Foundations Children’s Academy is the most loving, supportive and enriching pre-nursery and nursery environment that you could give your children. The teachers are unbelievably superb. They go above and beyond each and every day of the year. My daughter absolutely loved every second of her two years at FFCA. She learned so so much and is undeniably very ready for kindergarten because of First Foundations

I can't say enough good things about this school! The teacher's and the programming is more then I could have asked for. By providing a secure environment they foster and build confident, independent thinkers. They more than prepare them to move into kindergarten. I give them an A+++!

Absolutely the best preschool around! They have been incredibly supportive of my daughter since she started - they have provided resources, support and kindness to me and my family. It is a special school with great staff and directors!

My daughter attended camp at FFCA last summer before starting pre-nursery in the fall. She was only 18 months old at the time so I was a bit worried about how she'd do... She loved it!!! To this day (8 months later) she still talks about her counsellors every week. She had so much fun that we registered her for even more weeks than we'd planned. And the best part of camp at FFCA was the impact it made on how she adjusted when starting pre-nursery in the fall. Despite being one of the youngest in the class, while other kids struggled and cried in the first week, Lilah was super-excited and comfortable. She walked into school on the very first day like she owned the place, and asked why the other kids were crying. It's truly amazing how easy it made the whole process!

P.S. My son loved camp as well and it also played a huge role in making his transition from out of nursery at FFCA and into full day JK easier. Being one of the 'big kids' at camp and going to camp in a place that was familiar in the summer before jk helped to build his confidence so that he was really ready for the huge adjustment to JK in the fall.

I want to share with you the amazing experience I've had at First Foundations summer camp! Both my son and daughter attended. As far as my daughter goes, I didn't worry because she was already at First Foundations for the school year and loved it. My son on the other hand was only 16 months and this was to be his first experience away from home and his parents. It's so difficult to describe how thoroughly happy I was! Sure there were some tears in the beginning, as expected. But as soon as I left..and watched from my car :), those tears would quickly dry off. The teachers made every effort to get to know my son as an individual, his wants, likes and dislikes. They held him for as long as he needed to be held and they gave him hugs and kisses if he was having a hard time separating in the morning. That first week of adjustment flew by and soon enough my little man was running into that playground without looking back. He is now a full time student at the school and we are so happy with the progress he's made not only in his verbal communication but also his social skills and overall attitude.


At First Foundations I've never felt like I was dropping my children off at just some "centre" not knowing how my kids will be treated when I'm gone, but rather it's been like handing my kids to a close family member or friend who I completely trust. I decided to send my son at such a young age because I was so happy with the positive experience my daughter had, and had the school been open when she was his age, I would've for sure done the same for her.


I am a very discerning parent when it comes to schools and leaving my children has never been a simple task for me. As every parent around me, I want the best and only the best for them. I researched my options for months before making a final decision, and I can without a doubt say that I found exactly what I was looking for at First Foundations! 

We enrolled our son to the summer camp at FFCA prior to beginning the pre-nursery program because we felt that he was a social child and needed to interact with other kids. While other kids may have attended daycare from a young age, he stayed at home. This was a reason to have him attend the summer camp but of course I was also anxious about his well-being and adjustment, having never been dropped off anywhere before. I was very happy that I registered him for the summer camp. The adjustment period was very short as the staff was very warm and welcoming and he was excited to go and play with other kids already within the first week. It also made for a smooth transition in September into the pre-nursery class with no issues at drop off. I liked the idea of FFCA versus bigger camps due to amount of supervision and the lack of bigger facilities, designed for bigger kids -such as pools, that would otherwise make me nervous. I am a neurotic mother of an over-protected child :)"