For children who are 18 months by September 1st or 2 years old by December 


Our Half Day Pre-Nursery Program is designed to lay the foundation for children to feel safe, happy and content away from home. Every aspect of our program works towards creating curious and competent learners who move onto Nursery with a positive understanding of the expectations and structure of the classroom environment.


  • Creative and Engaging Learning Centres

  • BSFFCP’S Poem and Music Program

  • BSFFCP’s Exclusive Larry the Lion Alphabet Program

  • Dynamic, Interactive and fun Jewish Programming

Junior Nursery

 For children who are born between January 1st and May 1st, 2019 


This program is designed for kids who are ready for more than Pre-Nursery but not our Full Day Nursery Program. Students join our morning program and get the benefits of our Nursery curriculum and our Healthy Eating Lunch Program at the same time.

Full Day Nursery

 For children who are 3 years old by December 31st  


Our Full Day Nursery Program is designed to provide our students with the strong foundation they need to transition confidently and happily into Junior Kindergarten. Every aspect of our program works towards creating capable and confident learners who are ready to succeed in JK when they graduate.

  • Creative, Engaging Learning Centres

  • BSFFCP’s Exclusive Wally the Whale Sight Word Program

  • BSFFCP’s Weekly Alphabet Program

  • BSFFCP’s Take Home Library Program

  • BSFFCP’s Poem and Music Program

  • Dynamic, Interactive and fun Jewish Programming

  • Drop off and Recess Program which replicate the JK Environment/Model

  • Full Day Nursery includes 2 healthy eating program snacks, lunch and resttime 

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