"Mini Home & Away" @ Camp Robin Hood

Do you want your child to have a “big kid” day camp experience but worry that he/she might be too young?


First Foundations “Mini Home and Away” @ Camp Robin Hood is back for 2020 and bigger than ever. We are now offering this unique program from all our school locations and it is the perfect program for your camper. This unique program has been designed to introduce children to the outdoor camp environment while staying within the familiarity and security of FFCA programming and staffing. Twice a week, our “Mini Home and Away” campers will travel to Camp Robin Hood on our own busses, with our own FFCA teachers. Throughout the morning, the campers will participate in many of the wonderful camp activities that Camp Robin Hood has to offer, led by their FFCA teachers in their own self-contained group. FFCA staff will bring FFCA programming to Camp Robin Hood while immersing our campers in the excitement, facilities and spirit that Camp Robin Hood is known for. The remainder of the week, the kids will participate in regular Camp FFCA programming. 

               A Typical “Mini Home and Away” Day

8:45 AM                       Arrival FFCA

9:00 AM                       Departure FFCA for Robin Hood

9:30 AM                       Arrival at Camp Robin Hood

9:45 AM                       Activity 1

10:10 AM                    Snack (on way to Activity 2)

10:15 AM                    Activity 2

10:45 AM                    Activity 3

11:15 AM                    Activity 4

11:45 AM                    Return to unit

12:00 PM                     Lunch

1:00 PM                       Depart Camp Robin Hood

1:30 PM                       Arrival FFCA

1:30 - 3 PM                 Rest Time/ Free Play/ Snack

Activities we will be participating in at Camp Robin Hood include:

  • Petting Zoo

  • Farm Program (vegetable gardening)

  • Mini Golf

  • Water Programming (not swimming)

  • Sports

  • Music

  • Gymnastics

  • Archery

  • Campfire, Smores Making and so much more!!      

“Mini Home and Away” Frequently Asked Questions:


How many days a week will “Mini Home and Away” take place?

  • “Mini Home and Away” will take place twice a week.


How many hours will they be at Camp Robin Hood?

  • The bus will leave FFCA at 9:00 AM and return to FFCA at 1:30 PM


What kind of water activities will the campers be participating in?

  • Campers will be participating in sensory and sprinkler water activities, but not boating or swimming.


How long is the bus ride?

  • The bus ride is approximately 20 minutes from our Thornhill location and 30 minutes from our Cedarvale and Armour Heights locations


Does my child need to bring food?

  • Yes, they need to bring lunch. We are getting ready for JK and on Robin Hood days we will “practice” eating our own lunch from home.


Will FFCA staff or Camp Robin Hood staff be leading the programming?

  • Our FFCA teachers will be leading our “Mini Home and Away” campers through the Camp Robin Hood programming with the assistance, guidance and support of the Camp Robin Hood specialists.


Will my child be integrated with the regular Camp Robin Hood campers?

  • No, our campers will be contained in their own separate group the entire time.


What will my child be doing the rest of the week?

  • Having a blast- that is what!! Your child will be a in our regular CAMP FFCA programming complete with sports, themed dress up days, water play, outdoor fun, baking, science and so much more!!!