Helping children gain confidence, independence, and excitement about Judaism & Jewish learning.


Our mission

The Beth Sholom First Foundations Community Preschool's mission is to be a place that provides a meaningful and enjoyable introduction to Jewish learning. A place that is fully inclusive and views all children, regardless of ability, as capable. A place where the program reflects teacher directed experiences and child directed learning. A place where the classrooms are filled with meaningful and appropriate play and social interactions. A place that focuses on positive communication, self-regulation and self-help. A place that looks at the overall well-being of the whole child including nutrition, physical movement and connectivity with nature.


Our goal is to provide our students with the first foundations of social, academic and Jewish learning. We strive to introduce preschool aged children to the social intricacies of the learning environment.  Our programs focus on the social and emotional development of the early learner. Our programs enable children to become participating and contributing members of the learning process, thereby laying the foundation for future social and intellectual growth.


Inclusion, Social Justice & Tikun Olam

At FFJCP, Issues of social justice and tikun olam are at the core of the values that define our curriculum and our particular approach to early childhood learning. At FFJCP, we believe that it is vital that we teach our students to be active and empowered members of not only their classrooms, but of their local and global communities as well.  Our school wide ‘themed months’ that focus on tikun olam and social justice are an important stepping stone in this process and a wonderful opportunity for our students to learn about and take part in the process of impacting change.

Our Two Convenient Locations